Rural Medical Imaging

Rural Medical Imaging, or RMI as it is also known, is a locally owned and operated Medical Imaging practice. Since establishing itself 10 years ago, to opening its first practice here in Innisfail 5 years ago, RMI has rapidly grown to operate three more practices located in Ingham, Atherton and Mareeba.

In addition to achieving 10 years in business, RMI can also announce that their CT Scanner has recently performed it’s One Millionth Revolution. Both of these milestones are a testament to the support RMI receives from the local public and their referring doctors.

One million revolutions sounds impressive, so how did this come about?

Rural Medical Imaging is able to perform a wide variety of general CT Scans including contrast enhanced CT’s, Angiography (Artery studies), Bone Mineral Density and Musculoskeletal scanning.

CT is a great imaging tool in diagnosing many body ailments or pathologies. CT images are able to display a large amount of information pertaining to the area of interest, for example, a CT Scan through the Abdomen allows a doctor to gain information about all the major abdominal organs, not just one.

CT is also useful in demonstrating more detailed pathologies, such as fractures and blocked arteries (stenosis).

Musculoskeletal imaging is often performed when a fracture (break in the bone) is suspected and a plain x-ray was unable to show it. These fractures can be small and difficult to see on x-rays. On CT a fracture can be identified when the normal outline of the bone appears disrupted.

A blockage within an artery (stenosis) can be identified on CT by performing a procedure called an Angiogram. With the assistance of an imaging dye which flows through the bloodstream, the CT image can show a blockage in an artery when the bloodflow appears to stop. The images below show a patient with a blockage in their right leg artery. When blood flow is compromised like this, patients often experience pain within the affected limb, this is call claudication and can be very painful. Other common regions which are prone to blockages are arteries in the head, neck and those leading to the kidneys. CT angiograms are capable of identifying blockages in all these areas.

While CT is a very convenient imaging tool, it is also a source of x-radiation. Your doctor will determine whether CT is the correct imaging modality by weighing up the benefits of having a CT scan against any exposure you may be subject to. There are strict quality control standards in place to reduce the amount of radiation to each patient, and these measures are implemented by the CT radiographer performing your scan.

RMI’s CT scanner is operated by their Chief Radiographer Owen Sheppard. Owen has 14 years experience in CT, and has a keen interest in CT Angiography and CT dose reduction. Owen has been with RMI since their early beginnings, and is responsible for the ongoing training of CT radiographers throughout RMI’s practices.

All CT scans are Bulk billed through all eligible medicare and DVA cards.



Our ultrasound machines are capable of performing all ultrasound procedures. We use the latest GE Logiq LS8 ultrasound machine which is a shared services machine, meaning it is capable of performing all general, vascular, soft tissue, small parts and echocardiography. We currently incorporate 3D / 4D ultrasound.

The studies we perform on ultrasound include all general, small parts, soft tissue and musculoskeletal ultrasound as well as vascular scanning and echocardiography. Most ultrasound procedures are performed within 48 hrs of time of patient making the appointment. Urgent studies, requested as such by the referring doctor are performed the same day of request.



Rural Medical Imaging is proud to offer Multi-Slice CT scanning at our Innisfail, Mareeba and Ingham Practices.

We use GE BrightSpeed Multi-Slice CT scanners which allow us to acquire high detailed, fine sliced images of virtually any part of the body requiring examination.
GE is situated at the fore front of Medical Imaging Technology, and like us, they pride themselves in providing their clients and patients with the latest advancements in this ever evolving industry.

The GE BrightSpeed Multi-Slice scanner delivers fast, efficient scanning times without compromising image quality. Combine this with the implication of the latest scanning software and protocols, The GE BrightSpeed scanner boasts a reduction in radiation dose to patients whilst still maintaining optimal image quality.

Rural Medical Imaging is able to perform the following CT scans/procedures:

• All General and Contrast Enhanced CT scanning of the Head, Neck, Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis
• CT Angiograms with 3D reconstructions (excluding Coronary Studies)
• CT Dentascans – Dental Imaging
• Upper and Lower Extremities with 3D reconstructions– for investigation of Bony or Soft Tissue Pathology


RMI can offer bone mineral density scans with our CT machines in Innisfail, Mareeba and Ingham.


If you have any enquiries about the CT Scans or Protocols we can offer, please contact us and direct your queries to our Senior CT Radiographer.